BfG – Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde

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Principal Investigator
Prof. Thomas A. Ternes (Coordinator) –

Kevin Jewell –
Nina Hermes –
Dr. Uwe Kunkel –
Dr. Christian Lütke Eversloh –

The Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG) is the German national research institute in the fields of hydrology, water resource management, ecology, and water conservation. The analytical and monitoring divisions of BfG are involved in development of analytical methods for emerging contaminants in a variety of matrices such as wastewater, groundwater, sediments and soil, as well as in the the investigation of the behaviour and environmental fate of pharmaceuticals. Further expertise lies in the elucidation of transformation products formed during biological degradation of micropollutants and oxidative treatment, elucidation of enzymatic activities relevant for micropollutant degradation. Specialized laboratories are equipped with the newest analytical equipment, such as several HRMS Systems.