WP4 – Political impacts and dissemination

WP leader: Dr. Mario Carere (ISS)

The reuse of WWTP effluents is encouraged under the Water Framework Directive (WFD). Reclaimed water must be in compliance with the requirements set out by EU environmental policy (in particular by the WFD and DWD). However, for INPR a more comprehensive assessment framework is needed that addresses the remaining risk associated with this practice in compliance with the EU legislative framework and objectives (e.g., blueprint). Such guidance, developed within FRAME, has the potential to be adopted by the water authorities (e.g. river basin districts) since it integrates a risk assessment for environmental and human health protection. FRAME also provides criteria and methods suitable to be adopted in guidelines and recommendations for the implementation of the water safety plans (WSP) facilitating INPR in the EU. The WSPs, recommended by WHO, are considered the most effective approach to ensure that water intended for human consumption is safe. The adoption should allow flexibility and consider different circumstances at regional and local levels. A particular focus will be directed to the Mediterranean area where water scarcity is an urgent problem requiring immediate attention.


  • Review of existing best management practices, regulations and guidance documents, and legislation on INPR
  • Agreement on a risk assessment framework of INPR strategies and best management practices
  • Implementation into decision framework of river basin districts and local authorities
  • Dissemination at EU, national and local level

Task 4.1 State-of-the-art of INPR and impacts on European and local policy
During Task 4.1 the FRAME team will review existing legislation in relation to the protection of water bodies from chemical and microbiological pollution and evaluate lessons learned within and outside Europe regarding indirect potable reuse practices. A preliminary survey will be conducted on CIS guidance documents and WFD technical reports and guidance, the “Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Waters” and relevant European projects(e.g Aquarec – Integrated Concepts for Reuse of Upgraded Wastewater).

Task 4.2 Dissemination
Task 4.2 will develop strategies for the dissemination of project outcomes to stakeholders and related interested parties. Furthermore, a more widespread and general communication to the general public, specific stakeholders and Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) working groups in Europe will be provided.